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Where should I begin to tell you about Adam Payne and his products when there is so much I could say? I have followed Adam fot years and he has helped me in so many ways! His products range from Youtube to CPA to Affiliate Marketing - I have bought them all, and every one has been detailed and informative with a great deal of information you won't find in other re-hashed products. Furthermore he is totally responsive to cries for help and responds by email or in the group, often almost instantly.

Adam's name is a byword for honesty and integrity and search as you may, you won't find a better teacher or a better all round good guy... I suggest you buy his products and follow him!

Mary ElliotInternet Marketer

I have bought some of Adam's courses and all of them are easy to understand and implement the information he has taught. He also goes into detail where a lot of courses I have bought did not. For instance, showing how to doing proper research of the demographics of your audience so you know exactly who your marketing message is going to. If you do this wrong you can be wasting time and money marketing to the wrong people.

Adam also gives a great value for the price he charges in his courses. for example, one of his courses called social traffic alchemy costs $24 and I went through a webinar of another marketer and he was charging $500 for the same information.

Adam has answered many questions I have had and he replies promptly. He replies within 24 hrs and sometimes within minutes of me messaging him. What is funny about this is he lives in Japan and I live in the United States and there is a 14 hour time difference between us.

I was asking him a question about something one time and he gave me a free course to help me out. I am a member of his facebook group and he also gives free important information that helps out and he could also be charging money for some of this information. He reviews products and tells you the good and bad about the product and is unbiased in his opinion. He is one of the few marketers I trust when It comes to product reviews because he tells the truth and does not hype up the product to try to get people to buy it. Adam's first profession is a teacher and he does a good job teaching how to do different marketing techniques in his courses.

Scott JenkinsInternet Marketer

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